Food and drinks that affect your dental implant

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It’s great to have dental implants. They fix your dental formula if you’re missing a tooth or teeth. Also, you’ll smile with a lot of confidence because your teeth will look great again. But after the surgery, you should take good care of your implants to avoid facing any complications. This post contains foods that you can’t eat right after the surgery and long after the end of the healing process.

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Now, let’s look at what you can’t eat after dental implant surgery.

1. Hard Fruits

Maybe you don’t know what we mean by hard fruits. But hard fruits tend to have deep tastes that can cause tooth sensitivity. You want to avoid hard fruits like apples, more so in the first few months following the dental implant surgery.

The reason is that such fruits can make your mouth feel sore and can also damage your dental implants. You don’t have to stop eating the fruits, but at least give yourself some time before you can get back to eating them.

If you’re not sure how long that should be, then be sure to ask your dentist. They can answer all questions you might have about hard fruits and what they can do to your implants.

2. Hot or Cold Beverages

Right after the surgery, you’ll learn that your teeth are pretty sensitive to cold beverages and food. Thus, you should avoid ice because it’ll cause discomfort. But if you must use hot or cold beverages, be sure to sip them carefully. The best idea is to put ice in lukewarm water and let hot beverages cool down for some time before drinking.

If you take hot or cold beverages during the healing period, you can make the process to be abnormally long. Note that you should also avoid acidic beverages like wine and coffee. Your dentist will advise you against sugary drinks like juice and soda in some cases. Wait until you heal before you can use them again.

3. Chips

Chips are widely known as French fries, and many people love them. But they’re not a good idea if you just had implant surgery. They have a crunchy texture that can easily hurt your implants. Aside from hurting your fresh wounds, the crumbs can also get stuck in the implants and make you feel uncomfortable.

Many might tell you to make them soft by adding tomato sauce and salad. But that might not work. Some parts of the food might still hurt you. It’s advisable to wait until you are fully healed to start eating fries again.

Note that the healing process should last at least six months, and you still have many things to eat during that time.

4. Hard Tacos and Vegetables

It’s advisable to eat soft tacos as you wait for the implants to heal. That works best if you enjoy Mexican cuisine. The same applies to burritos. Hard tacos have shells that might hurt the implants and make you go back to your dentist to fix things up. Also, just like chips, the crumps can quickly get stuck in the implants and cause you a lot of pain.

There’re many types of vegetables out there, but some of them are way too hard. You need to avoid hard vegetables during the healing process. These include things like carrots. They’re too hard and might hurt your implants, incredibly a few weeks or months ago when the surgery was done.

Patients should also stay away from hard meat. If you eat tough meat, your implants might get hurt, and the healing time will be extended by several months. Worse still, you’ll have to see your doctor again for a checkup.

Closing Thoughts

Did you know that dental implants are never strong enough until they heal? That means you can easily hurt yourself if you keep eating the abovementioned food. Stay away from cold and sugary beverages because they can hurt your wounds. For more information, keep in touch with your dentist, and they’ll help you stay safe.

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