How to Choose Best Family Lawyers in Dubai


The personal status law in the UAE deals with all family and divorce matters. The law covers a broad range of family related matters such as the rules regarding marriage, prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation The UAE law is based on the shariah and highlights a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts when it comes to marriage. Legal advisors in Dubai can help you navigate through them all.

Each different family related matter in the UAE from marriage to divorce has its own rules and regulations. To keep up with them all can be exhausting and difficult for individuals. To prevent a legal breach it is recommended to employ a family lawyer in Dubai.

Family and divorce are extremely sensitive matters and so require apt legal assistance. Choosing a lawyer who understands your needs and is able to deliver results is essential.

What do family lawyers do?

Family law firms in Dubai are popular because they provide a range of valuable services to their clients. Lawyers can assist in legal issues arising between family members. Help in drafting family legal documents such as wills, pre-nuptial agreements and family estate documents. Represent you in contentious cases in court or in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration

Lastly, lawyers can give legal advice regarding family related matters such as succession, guardianship, and divorce cases.



5 things to look out for when choosing a family lawyers in Dubai


Choosing the best family lawyer is a difficult decision and there is no one size fits all method because everyone has their own specific needs and requirements. However, below are some general tips that will help you when deciding on a family lawyer. While all lawyers have a unique working style and approach towards a case it is important to know what exactly you want from them as it makes choosing a lawyer easier

Knowledge and experience

An important factor to consider when hiring legal advisors in Dubai is their knowledge regarding the relevant law and their experience working in the field. Both of these things together make for a competent family lawyer. Family law in the UAE is a little more complicated than other places. Besides the local UAE law based on Shariah UAE offers expatriates and foreigners the option to conduct family affairs such as marriage and divorce according to the laws of their home country. Therefore, a skilled family lawyer in Dubai must not only know the local laws but have working knowledge of the laws and customs of other countries as well especially those from where a lot of the expatriate population of UAE comes from.

Experience in the procedural factors of operating in the UAE.


Calculate costs

Your lawyer may be highly experienced and knowledgeable but it won’t do you any good if you are unable to afford them. Therefore, it is advised to set a standard budget for your family legal needs which is market competitive and you can easily afford. Being aware of the approximate cost of hiring a family lawyer beforehand can be helpful for you in the long run. Moreover, it is wise to determine the paying methods and the process by which the lawyer charges beforehand. Different family law firms in Dubai have different systems for paying. Some lawyers charge hourly for their services while others have fixed monthly fees. Obtain an estimate from your lawyer in the initial consultation process.


Understanding your needs


Since the lawyer is the one with the legal expertise and experience it is their duty to explain to you the legal procedures and applicable laws. The family lawyer in Dubai you choose should have the patience to listen to your concern and address them adequately. They should be flexible enough to cater to your changing needs. The ideal lawyer should recognise that each family is unique and have their own needs and a predetermined set formula is not going to work for everything. Oftentimes family legal issues span over long periods of time and the lawyer should be dedicated and able to commit. It is important for them to understand that these issues are sensitive and triggering so should handle them accordingly.


Get a reference

It is ideal to hire a lawyer that you or something close and trustworthy has had experience with. There is an added layer of security with someone who is tried and tested. You are aware of their work ethic and knowledge. This is why people usually keep a single family lawyer for long periods of time and all their legal needs. It takes time for a lawyer to understand the intricacies of your family so that they are able to assist you better as well.


Legal advisors in Dubai perform extremely important tasks. While choosing a family lawyer can be a difficult process but if you doing your research and taking your time with the decision is key and will benefit you in the end.

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