India’s top 10 best treks




Although the Indians of the Himalayas cannot compete in terms of height with their Nepalese counterparts, their excellent trekking routes are unparalleled. Indian hiking routes are certainly worth the money and effort with their unusual mix of nature and culture. The Indian Himalayas, spread over five Indian States, occupy a wide region on the northern frontier of the world.


This article includes the top 10 best hiking tours in India to give you an overview of the hiking options available in India. These are the most popular tourist tours based on the number of walkers in the Indian Himalayas. The trek you choose will eventually be based more than anything else on personal preferences. The walks differ in length, in difficulty, in cultural elements, in religions, and in the distance, of course. You can make an educated decision about which route will suit you, based on these factors — and your budget.


Here’s our list of the top 10 treks in India without further ado:


  1. Chadar


An excellent walk along the frozen Zanskar River with lovely winter terrain and an overview of the Ladakh region’s ancient culture is a fascinating trekking trip. This trek is all about the Frozen roads, the chilling bone winds, the untouched nature, and a lifetime experience.


  1. Gangotri Gomukh trek


This tour takes you to the Gangotri Glacier at Gomukh the Ganges Source in Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The area has a wide variety of plants and animals, including unusual blue mountain goats, which are a true natural delight. The glacier is surrounded on all sides by stunning mountains, a truly fascinating view.


  1. Ladakh


A very famous trek in the Ladakh region is the Markha Valley Trek. There are many places where you can walk, including dry mountains, streams, and small villages with wheat, garlic, and mustard fields. It is a repository of ancient Tibetan culture and houses many old Buddhist monasteries. For a lifetime, a trek through the area is grafted into your brain.


  1. Kuari Tapovan trek


This walk has you in the shadows of a range of 7000+ summits on a journey through the beautiful Garhwal region of India. Rare Himalayan fauna like the snow leopard and the musk deer are found in this region. At an altitude of 4264 m, the highlight of the trek is the Kuari pass. A walk with a realistic experience of the local Hindu culture is very easy.


  1. Nanda Devi trek


Nanda Devi is the highest point in the Indian region of Garhwal at an altitude of 7816 m. The Nanda Devi National Park with its distinctive Himalayan flora and fauna is spread across the mountain lap and is a spot of beauty itself. You can walk along the foothills of the Himalayas and a number of small valleys, rivers, and glaciers. The site is a picture of pristine natural beauty that year after year draws thousands of photographers and mystics.


  1. Goecha La trek


Goecha La is the third highest mountain peak on the planet and a trek in the midst of the beautiful Sikkim region. This hiking trail has everything, be it stunning rhododendron woods, picturesque mountain ranges, or clear blue Himalayan lakes. The trek is very difficult, but you will certainly find the effort worth seeing the majestic Himalayas from Dzongri.


  1. Valley of Flowers


The valley of flowers is located high on the Uttaranchal Himalayas, at an altitude of 3658 m. It is a wide, flowers-filled valley that can count more than one. It is a beautiful place surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains. The floor of the valley is sparkling with all color flowers, and there is an intense and friendly fragrance throughout the area. The valley of flowers felt like paradise on earth after a thrilling trek in the Himalayan foothills.


  1. Roopkund trek


At 5029 meters above sea level, Roopkund is a lake renowned for its human remains at the base. A ride through virgin forests to the distant Roopkund Lake, where flowers blow under. The lush greenery, the many birds of many varieties, the Himalayan summits around them, the flatlands, the Hindu temples are all for a memorable trip to Roopkund.


  1. Dodital trek


A little freshwater lake called Dodital is situated amid snow-covered mountains in the area of Uttarakhand. The lake is a place of natural beauty and cultural significance and is considered sacred. The quick ride to the lake takes you through snowy soil with cool winds sweeping through your hair. Overall, Dodital is a beautiful trek in the Indian Himalayas, which even after many years you will remember fondly.


  1. Stok Kangri trek


At an altitude of 6153 m, Stok Kangri Trek takes you to the highest mountain top in India. The trek in the region of Ladakh is moderately difficult and is suitable for experienced hikers as it requires no skills in mountain riding. The glorious view from the Stok Kangri summit of the Himalayas reminds us of the entire trek.

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